A Touch of Art - Wed 15 Nov 2017 - Webmaster MX5sa

Photos, courtesy, Andrew Strain and Leah Adison

Report on the Outing

We had a very unusual “run”, visiting Silvio Apponyi’s workshop, just out of Balhannah on Wednesday.

It started raining as we left the Balhannah Oval on our run down Swamp Road to Silvio’s place where Silvio and his offsider John went through the process of casting a bronze. Silvio passed around several examples of his work he had carved out of a variety of materials.

After a lovely Devonshire tea generously provided by Natalia, Silvio’s wife, some people were able to experience firsthand the copper oxidising process on 3 small figures which Silvio then polished and handed around for us to see the difference this process made. We all had ample time for questions as we looked around the workshop.

After this amazing experience, which took a little longer than originally planned, we decided to take the shortest route for the rest of our run, through pouring rain to the Macclesfield Hotel for a delicious lunch.

Dianne & Allen Webber

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