Agapanthus Farm Run - Wed 25 Oct 2017 - Webmaster MX5sa

Photos, courtesy, Andrew Strain and Unknown

Report on the Outing

We spent another lovely day with our MX-5 club members leisurely driving through the hills in sunny spring weather.

20 cars met at the Victoria hotel O’Halloran Hill and meandered through picturesque country roads to Mt Barker where we met the Edwards. , then on to Littlehampton Agapanthus Farm where Dean Bolto and Jenny were taking elevated photos of our line of cars coming up the steep driveway

Along the run there were several speed restrictions and roadworks to slow us down but the advantage was seeing the lush green paddocks and grazing sheep and cows instead of a blur!!

Several members commented that they hadn’t travelled on some of the roads and they enjoyed it immensely.

We all gathered in the pavilion at the Agapanthus Farm for morning tea and several wandered around taking photos and enjoying the peaceful environment and very attractive colourful landscaped gardens complete with ponds and lakes and a “Monet like” bridge.

To those who couldn’t be there yesterday, it really is worth a visit.

Tracey the owner gave us a talk on agapanthus and their varieties and some of us bought a clump or two.

After another short run around the mountain in Mount Barker we arrived at the golf course where we all enjoyed our lunch and a few wines and being with such great friends.

Marilyn and Brenton Hyde

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