Photos, courtesy Des and Susan Long

Report on the Outing

This was a new event for the Club, a Concourse. 30 people attended in about 22 cars.

The purpose of this event was to assist the organisers of next year’s Natmeet Concourse, to test a few processes. The initial plan was to display our cars on the area next to the Tanunda Oval. Plan B was to display our cars in the Hall adjoining the oval in case of bad weather. Windy and wet weather ensued, so Plan B it was !!!

Allen Weber and David Low were the judges. The standard of entries varied, but the final overall winner, after careful consideration was Bram Flynnart with his yellow NC. Other results were:

NA                         John Hickey

NB                          David Nicholson

NC                         Bram Flynnart (also overall winner)

ND                         Rod Kemp

Modified               Dennis Hawkins

People’s Choice   Bram Flynnart

Worst Car              John Hickey (not bad for the NA class winner)

The trophies consisting of plastic cups & a well used perpetual trophy, which was presented then immediately retrieved. The winners were also given a special cleaning product to help raise their presentation for next year, a toothbrush. Allen Weber then conducted his famous quiz with chocolates as prizes going eventually to everybody.

A picnic was enjoyed in the hall. The Barossa Council were most generous in allowing us to use these facilities at no cost.

The Natmeet Committee (in particular Allen Weber and David Low) were able to gain some valuable information for next April’s Natmeet Concourse.

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