M&M Twilight Run - Fri 2 Mar 2018 - Webmaster MX5sa

Report on the Event

We thought we would try something a little different with a dinner run on a Friday evening and despite the competition from other Mad March events we were pleased to have 16 cars join us at Measday’s Lookout for a pleasant run in perfect late afternoon weather, tops down of course, through various Hill’s backroads which took us to Stirling, Heathfield, Mylor, Bradbury, Scott Creek, Ironbank and Coromandel Valley to the peak of Chandler’s Hill and then back down past Happy Valley to meet the coast at Marino Rocks. Snack packs of M&M’s ensured that we survived the lack of an afternoon tea stop. Only a few suffered the embarrassment of being seen driving in the opposite direction to the main group, but that was easily put to rights.

Dinner at Marino Rocks displayed a high standard of both food quality, quantity and service and from the upstairs balcony we were able to see far across the expanse of St Vincent’s Gulf with the setting sun leading on to twinkling lights of distant boats and townships and later the rising full moon, as food, drink and conversation kept everyone engrossed for hours before heading back to our homes in the balmy, tops still down, night air.

In case you are still wondering, the M&M referred to Measdays & Marino. Or was it Mazda MX-5?

Jenny & Rod Kemp

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