Sculpture & Culture Run - Wed 20 Sep 2017 - Webmaster MX5sa

Photos, courtesy Rod and Jenny Kemp

Report on the Outing

Last Sunday September 20th members attended a run organised by Rod and Jenny Kemp. The idea of the run was to view some of the sculptures from the ‘Hills Sculpture Trail’. Jenny explained to me, Rod and her had this idea in their heads for some time.

We all met at the Wallis Tavern , Auchendarroch Coffee shop in Dumas Street, Mount Barker for morning tea. Our cars were parked on a long line in the gardens, this enabled a good photo opportunity. Once morning tea was completed we walked a short distance to view our first sculpture. It represented a bull, but nobody was willing to climb on the bull’s back.

The route instructions were really clear, and included a photo of sculptures at each stop . Also a booklet that explained all the sculptures on the trail. The longest stop at Crystal Lake in Macclesfield, required us to get out of our cars and walk some distance to view various sculptures. We began to really appreciate the skill, determination and just hard work required to complete a sculpture.

Some were curious as to where the ideas for the sculptures originated. The run continued and we stopped 5 times till we arrived at the Hotel Balhannah.

The meals and service at the Hotel were first class. So the Club wishes to thank Rod and Jenny for a very well organised and thought out run. When runs go off as smoothly as this one, it always means a lot of attention to detail has taken place.

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