Report on the Event

Taking feedback from club members and bouncing some fresh ideas around, the Flash Run, was born.

Definition – Flash Run

Club members are advised on a Wednesday of a Saturday / Sunday run. Rather than an organised run of early start ending with lunch at a venue, we have changed it up a little. During Daylight Saving, invite Club members for an afternoon drive, ending at a park or local café. Their choice to stay or head off at the end.

The forecast for Sunday was for 20 degrees and partly cloudy. An email went out on Wednesday.

As we arrived at Ridge Park, the clouds were a little darker than we expected but they burned off later in the day.

15 Mazda MX-5s, with 28 members and guests, arrived at Ridge Park for the run and were able to be accommodated along the road as they dodged the dog walkers and partygoers arriving at the park. Thomas Butler even dropped by in his pristine Red NC, not for the run but to say hi to everyone as he had a bit of free time prior to another appointment.

We headed off with the sun starting to shine and tops down. We knew getting 15 MX-5s on to the South Eastern Freeway as a group would be a challenge. So we agreed to meet up at Measday’s Lookout carpark before heading off again. We then travelled through Crafers, Piccadilly, Summertown, Ashton then past Marble Hill and on to Montacute Road. The cyclists and local traffic was at a minimum, so all had the opportunity to test their MX-5’s handling. A spirited run of tight but flowing turns the majority of the way.

At Penfold Park parking was a squeeze. Many found spots in the street and carried their chairs and food down to the park. The sun shone even more. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

We look forward to further Flash Runs in the coming months.

Leah Andison & Andrew Strain

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