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Report on the Event

We were first in our group to arrive. After finding the Club’s spot we then found the breakfast and coffee as the others started to arrive. Soon cars were in line back to the big gumtree. Nobody had bought a chain saw, so cars had to be arranged around the tree. The Austin Seven Club were not using the lane allocated to their Club, so we decided to use it. The Marshalls were getting confused as where cars should go and were sending our cars in all directions. So it was like herding stray cats, but Hans Oldenhove and Bram Flynnaart to their credit they did a great job, and soon we could all relax as all had signed on.

Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights new MX-5 ND RF was attracting a lot of attention, both from our members and other entrants. She was being asked to raise and lower the top, and all the onlookers were amazed.

The range of vehicles coming in was quite amazing. There was a 1903 Veteran car, that came in at cruising speed, which was about walking pace. It is difficult to get your head around the fact this car was 114 years old. Of great interest was the Indian Motorcycle sitting the back of a very neat truck. This bike looked as if had never been ridden since its restoration, so possibly it sits inside the owners house as a display piece.

Finally it was time to take off and each line of cars was gradually released, and we all headed down Main Road. The crowds of people were lined up all the way down to our turn off at Chalk Hill Road. Along the way there were many interesting cars parked, and the announcer was giving a description of all the car brands as they passed. Our group being 26 kept him talking for some time. With a couple of hold ups we all arrived back at Serafino’s for lunch.

We were directed to park with the lake as a background. This made for a great photo opportunity.

Then inside for lunch, which all seem to enjoy. With us, were several new members, which were enjoying their new experience, and it was good to see our members making them welcome.

After lunch we went out to the lake and listened to some pleasant music. It was music that our generation enjoyed. (60’s and 70’s).

It was a great day out and all seemed to enjoy the friendly and casual atmosphere.

Dianne & David Low

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