Winter Run to Mallala - Sun 27 Aug 2017 - Webmaster MX5sa

Report on the Event

Early arrivals at the meeting place were greeted with low temperatures tempered by clear blue skies and bright sunshine that made our club members glow and their cars glisten. Roger and Lyn brought along their beautiful Bolwell convertible to fulfil their interest in both our club and the Bolwell Club which provided flag marshals for the day at Mallala.

We set off for morning tea to Virginia Nursery via Edinburgh Air Base (Des Long nearly turned into the Base but remembered that he had retired, it was a close thing) and the flat plain farm land region east of the Port Wakefield Highway; It was a sea of green and an area that we do not usually traverse.

If you have not been to Virginia Nursery, it is a pleasant surprise for garden lovers and for others there is a wonderful coffee shop that coped well with our influx of 33 members, providing delicious snacks and satisfying tea or coffee. The atmosphere was convivial and I hated to break up the party as a 20-minute drive awaited us if we wanted to reach our destination for lunch.

Wesley Burfitt had arranged hire of a pit shed for members to occupy for the lunch that the Committee had sanctioned for those who attended. Most people had remembered to bring folding seats and as our members spread out around the walls of the shed it presented a picture opportunity scene of rugged up bodies with bright happy faces. While seating and personal effects were being tended to, others filled out paperwork and attended to procedures that were to lead to a real treat within the hour.

On the day, 6 MX-5 club members were engaged in Super Sprint opportunities on track and I think that they were rapped to see the turnout. For various reasons, quite a few members who usually enter for Super Sprint were unable to take part in the event this time, but the day was very successful for those of us who were present.

Lunch in a shed? Well, lunch arranged by Poppy and Wesley, compliments of the Club, turned up in beautifully boxed and was both delicious and voluminous, thanks to “Tom’s Catering”.

During the lunch break for the racing drivers, the race promotor MSCA, arranged for our club members to take to the track for 8 laps lead by a control car, closely followed by, who else but our President, Hans Oldenhove, who has taken to this activity live a duck to water. 16 MX-5 cars formed the parade and then the Austin Healy group joined in half a lap behind us.

Now usually it is the boys who become exuberant about adrenaline driven activities but I have to report that several unnamed ladies returned to the shed with smiles like Cheshire cats. Well done ladies, you did yourselves proud. I think that next year’s run to Mallala will be fully subscribed.

John Hickey was congratulated by our President, Hans, for achieving his personal best time during one of his runs on the day, so well done John, as your dedication over the past several years has paid off.

Ross Molloy flew over from Melbourne to attend and meet with his mates and I enjoyed the chance to catch up with him.

This round of Super Sprint incorporated a “Come and Try” element to encourage new interest in the sport. Some of our club drivers were invited to act as instructor/mentors for the newbies. Quite a compliment to their standing in the sport.

At the conclusion of the events on track, I counted 17 club members at the Mallala Pub enjoying each other’s company and a fitting end to celebrate another joyful club outing, so a thank you from Wesley, Poppy and myself for making it such a terrific day.

Dennis Hawkins

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