MSCASA Peter Hall 6 Hr RR - Sun 7 May 2017 - Webmaster MX5sa

Report on the Event

The Peter Hall Memorial 6 Hour Regularity Relay - held on Sunday the 7th of May - is one of the highlights in the Club’s Motorsport calendar. This year our Club fielded 2 teams (6 MX-5s & 8 drivers) together with 10 volunteers whose role was to provide timing and various pit support functions etc.

In spite of Andrew Duncan’s massive accident, Team 1 went on to finish a very creditable 10th (out of a field of 26 teams). Team 2 lost one of its cars early in the day so was a DNF.

Happily Andrew is recovering well and Ian (Andrew was driving father Ian’s car) has already purchased another MX-5 which will enable him to rebuild and – hopefully – regroup in time for Round 2 of the MSCA Super sprint on June the 18th. Quite a challenge!!

Special thanks go to our enthusiastic team of volunteers without whom we could not have participated in this event.

Wes Burfitt

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