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Report on the Event

This relay took place at Mallala on the 6th of May. It is without a doubt the biggest, most challenging and most enjoyable event that our Club participates in.

This year our Club fielded 2 teams - 4 cars per team – so we had a very strong presence. The event is aimed at Club Motorsport and is conducted on the basis of competition between teams of cars. In simple terms, each driver nominates a lap time and points are awarded or taken away from variations to the times that are nominated. There is only one car from each team on the track at any one time. Drivers are given a wrist band that has to be transferred to the next driver in much the same way as a baton relay race. This year there were 25 competing teams.

The event is won and lost by the drivers’ ability to maintain lap times - often in heavy on track traffic - to as near as possible to their nominated times. Communication is vital and it is the support team’s responsibility to keep track of lap times and to pass on information to drivers via pit boards (from the pit wall). It is also the support team’s responsibility to efficiently manage sash changeovers and to prepare cars and drivers in readiness for their next run - sometimes at short notice.

Mechanical breakdowns are not uncommon in endurance events and this year was unfortunately no exception. 17 minutes after the start of the event, Marque Le Maistre’s car developed gearbox problems and had to be retired. As each driver must complete a minimum of 10% of the laps nominated by the team (and a maximum of 30%) this necessitated cross entering Marque to complete the event in Ray Driver’s car ie both Ray and Marque were now sharing the one car. We already had one car with two drivers (Ross Malloy shared Ian Duncan’s car) so pit crews were kept busy changing numbers and timing devices to ensure that cross entered cars carried the correct driver identification.

Team 1 finished 11th (out of 25 competing teams) and team 2, 5th. Not the placing we really would have liked but given the challenges of the day, a nevertheless good result. Most of all though, we all had a blast, the weather was picture perfect and we all went home having thoroughly enjoyed the most challenging motorsport event on our club calendar.

Sincere thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers who attended pre-event meetings and worked solidly throughout the day to make the day so successful. You are all GREATLY appreciated!

Wes Burfitt

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